The platforms we target part 1

Hello again, I hope you’re well and this finds you in a good or relaxed mood. This is the first in a multi part series on the platforms that we target, before we dive into that I should describe what we define as a platform.

So when when use the term “platform” we actually mean “Software Platform” which we define as an operating system which allows other smaller software to run  on devices, enabling said software access to hardware features.

With our definition of a platform out of the way, I’m going to give a few examples of popular platform in the marketplace and devices that they power:

  1. Google Android – Mobile, Tablet and TV’s
  2. Apple iOS – Mobile and Tablet
  3. Microsoft Windows Universal Platform – Mobile, Tablet, Console and PC
  4. Linux – Mobile, Tablet and PC

We will take a close look at the platforms over the next few episodes, it is important at the outset to outline what we covering and going forward how we create cross platform media content that works well on all devices.

In the next episode will take a closer look at the Android platform, its history and the tools we can use to create games, media and apps for the platform. Thanks for your time and keep checking back for updates!