Alec’s Introduction

Hello, my name’s Alec and I act as an artist and level designer for Danveria, come September I’ll be attending Hallam University to study Game Design. I also currently work nights, so I hover around at weird times and sleep all day.

As a team member I do what I’m told, like a good boy and over critique everyone else’s work (often sounding unnecessarily harsh but don’t mean to) because I want to make sure we’re making only the very best stuff.

Hobbies include playing music, playing games and watching stuff (TV dramas, films, anime, western cartoons, ASMR videos… I’ll watch anything). I own 2 electric guitars, 1 acoustic, 1 electric bass and 1 ukulele, I’m below or just average at all of them.

My ID on most things is JohnnyBigBalls but I use a lot of varied ones so here’s my most used:

Steam: JohnnyBigBalls
League: JohnnyBigBalls Bearclaw#11827

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