Lauren’s Introduction

Hello there!

My name is Lauren and at Danveria I am COO.

I’ll largely be involved in the reviews and media output, as well as behind the scenes activities.

I am a student Mental Health nurse, which is fabulous…but not, as it has killed my ability to stay awake and play anything.

When I’m not working or sleeping, I have hobbies.  Standard fare really; Video Games (I’m just sat here waiting for the next Unreal Tournament…), shopping and food related pastimes.

It’s @absoluteLHerb everywhere, so while I’m not particularly sociable, get connected!



Aaron’s Introduction


My name is Aaron Rolph and I am the head programmer for This means that it’s my job to take the team’s ideas and implement them into our games (sometimes with a tear in my eye due to the complicated nature of the requests).

I am currently a student studying at the University of Hull doing Computer Science with Games Development. I am at University every single day of the week and therefore my life only consists of code, if anyone is in the matrix it would be me! In the little spare time that I have I play video games. I play mostly on PS4 (PSN ajrthegreat) because it feels more relaxing to sit back with a controller but I also have a hefty steam library (STEAM ajrthegreat) for when I am supposed to be working.
Feel free to follow me on social media (it’s pretty much always ajrthegreat due to when I was younger it was my initials and I was great!) and also follow to keep up to date with our games.

Dan’s introduction

Hi, I hope that your well and in a comfortable place when you read this. My name is Dan Welsh.  While i’m not normally the type of person to talk about myself, in fact it is one of the things I hate in interviews (Interviewer: so tell me about yourself? Me: ermmm……).   

But as this is an introduction, so I should talk about myself a little (there are so many more interesting things to talk about… in upcoming posts). So here is an extract from my C.V. that describes me well:

I am a designer and programmer. I try to look at each problem that I face with an open and clear mind, whilst trying to remain calm and helpful at all times. I have always been passionate about technology as far back as I can remember.”

Most importantly I don’t think I could do anything else 😉 thanks for your time and keep checking back for updates. I promise to do better in later posts which don’t talk about myself, promise 🙂

Daniel “deeFive” Welsh